The Foundation was established in 1995 and works completely voluntary on a Christian ecumenical basis with aid in different countries. Collected funds are invested (with only 2% deduction for adminis-trative costs) in practical aid projects.

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Our mission

From a Christian ecumenical basis, in cooperation with reliant cooperative organizations on site, economical and material help is given to improve especially the situation of children and young people in marginalized groups such as the blind and visually handicapped, orphans, Roma and other extremely poor. The help given by the Foundation consists mainly of school education and school meals.


The SB Foundation was established in 1995 by the present chairman Lena Åkerlund and Rev. Karin Bergqvist Engwall, who was the first chairman of the Foundation. The activities of the Foundation rest on a Christian basis and started off on a small scale, by sending food and clothing parcels to Romania e g. Today the Foundation has ongoing projects in Estonia, India, Japan, Latvia, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Tanzania and Belarus. The foundation operates with reliable contact persons and co-operative organizations. For more information about the activities in each country, go to “Projects”.

Short information about the SB Foundation   

Turnover in 2015: 1.5 million SEK - not to forget the worth of donations deriving from collection of clothes and school furniture.

Church services take place about 10 times a year and once a year a service is held in a countryside cottage.

The collected money comes from private persons, from collections during our own services and other church congregations as well and also from some organizations and companies.

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Board of directors

The board consists of the following persons:

  • Lena Åkerlund, chairman
  • Roger Arvidsson, secretary
  • Bo Claesson, member
  • Arne Wikström, member
  • Ivar Boman, substitute
  • Elisabeth Kedland Hofberg, substitute

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are available in Swedish only:

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