The SB Foundation supports the organization WWB (World Without Borders) which works to improve conditions in the “locked institutions” of the country; there are four youth prisons and six children’s homes for physically and mentally disabled children. WWB focuses upon what is best for every child, giving them support and help. It also focuses upon human rights being valid for these children and young people, and facilitating for as many as possible to live an independent life out in society.

The Foundation was established in 1995 and works completely voluntary on a Christian ecumenical basis with aid in different countries. Collected funds are invested (with only 2% deduction for adminis-trative costs) in practical aid projects.

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Thanks to the Foundation’s annual Christmas contribution to children in “closed institutions”, various games are being bought and donated to the children for both pleasure and development. Here the leader of the WWB shows some of these.

The SB Foundation has been around since WWB started in 2005. The Foundation each year contributes to summer camps for young people in the above mentioned institutions and for children in the Vitebsk region. Through your gift you can support these children!