The Foundation was established in 1995 and works completely voluntary on a Christian ecumenical basis with aid in different countries. Collected funds are invested (with only 2% deduction for adminis-trative costs) in practical aid projects.

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The village Floresti in the outskirts of the city Cluj-Napoca

In Floresti the SB Foundation runs – in cooperation with the Romanian organization Excelsior Foundation – an important project to change the difficult situation of the Roma. Among all we strive to give Roma children and adolescents a school education and thereby better possibilities for a brighter future. Each one of the 182 families in the Roma area has been paid a visit and the parents have been motivated to continuously send their children to the school. Special workshops are currently arranged in every one of the 17 classes in the “Gheorghe Sincai” school where 455 children go. The Roma families, continuously sending their children to the school, receive through the project: clothes, hygiene products and medicines for all family members.

Reports and articles (in Swedish) about our work in Floresti (click on the article):

Also the daycare in Voivodeni, threatened to be closed, has been restored with the help of money from the SB Foundation. The village inhabitants volunteered to do the work without being paid. Now the house looks great both inside and outside, and upstairs are beds.

The village Voivodeni in the region of Mures

As the SB Foundation pays around 40% and the local community around 60% of the costs, all 62 pupils of the school get a school lunch each day, so that they may grow and develop and can cope with the school work. The Foundation also pays for writing pads, pencils, school bags etc for the children.   

The above pictures show how the daycare looked before the renovation.

The latest completion is a fire escape at the end of the building. The SB Foundation initiated it on a visit in April 2015, so a dormer window and a ladder were built according to this drawing. Some months later –after a fire in a night club in Bukarest when 60 people died and 150 were severely injured – the Romanian authorities introduced more stringent fire regulations for places of assembly.

Our contribution to the Day Center has among other things been tiles for walls and floors, a tiled stove, a shower and toilets as well as a dishwasher.

From the aid shipments that the SB Foundation sends to Bogdand the poorest people receive second hand clothes and shoes for free while we let Pro Senectute sell the rest at low prices so that they can run the Day Center.

The school and daycare in Bogdand as well as the schools in the nearby villages Baptsa, Corund and Ser receive its share of the school furniture, toys, and clothes that the Foundation sends.

Cluj-Napoca – the second largest city in Romania

We send school furniture and – on occasion hospital beds – to the Romanian organization ASOCIATA SCHOLAR AND EDUCATION CENTER (SEDCENT) in Cluj-Napoca city. They are then distributed to schools and hospitals. Here are some pictures of school furniture which the foundation could donate from the Carlsson School in Stockholm to the Brancusi School in Cluj-Napoca. Before sending them, the tables had to be unscrewed and be loaded into a truck. Many helping hands were needed and also came willingly.

The Foundation also contributes to finance summer camps for young people, Christmas candy for children, and Christmas food for poor families in Voivodeni.

The village Bogdand with surroundings in the region of Satu Mare

In Bogdand the local organization Pro Senectute has with the financial support from the SB Foundation and the English organization TARGA arranged a Day Center, where all the elderly people in the village are welcome during working days to get a meal and a friendly community in warm premises.

This is how it turned out when the tables were screwed together again on site.

A couple of times a year the Foundation sends aid shipments to our various projects in Romania with second hand clothes, shoes, toys, etc., and sometimes even school furniture and medical supplies.